FROST​/​DZL - Ain't Nothing More Than what It Is

by DZL & FrostyFIN

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Aint Nothing More Than what It Is


released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


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Frosty Fin Finland

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verse 1

yo it be frostdzl on the scene ready to spit mean
evil across the beat,beat it feable minds interviened,
ya talks cheap my talk is like
walk it and youll get beat
taught it talking to eat ya feet
brought it cornerd to seek defeat,
im out of it, as in loco whores
bout it bout it promoting wars
out accounting for broken jaws
hows about it you choke on yours,
i script text spit it the best
written fitted to flex
detest this text and ingest a shiv in ya chest bitch,
a laberynth of lyrics
grab ya larynx
stab ya under carrage
jab ya in the cabbage
havoc to damage,
how can ya manage
emphatic, raps automatic, combatic,
spat cause of havoc,
eratic at it to bat it ya
ta paddock bag it ya cabbage
liberating madness to sin like satan
take on the baddest
evil habits to pin ya head on the mattocks
a grinning saddest
slaying all, i aint playing
said conveyings more what im saying
try to play me for feigining
fake and youll be left to lay decaying


first and foremost
i think before most,
can think evolve host
to think at all close
predictable cause,
they think there thoughts spoke
than think at all most
shouldve thought ta think fore they thought ta boast,

verse 2

ive a savage like,
to strike ta peel ya cabbage when ripe
hyped to bury the mic and drive it inside ya memories site,
Think before spoke
Or speak and be broke
For your weak quote
I release doper ta reach
Rope ya throat ta bereave choke ya
Flow so unique to show up and beat cha
Revoke ya speech ta seat cha
Besiege ya feature ta teach ya
Beat ya beek in ta bleed ya
I maintain my aim within range to remain
the words smith with words whichll
curve the pitch inta
turn and hit cha the verbalist sternest pictures
ta burn you bitches
incure fixtures earned to hit chas
concernll get chas returned scriptures
burn ya britches,
superb with the words whichll hurt ya nerve with twitches
observed the swiftness,
infernos occur to sick yas,
infernal sicness
upearly to earn my riches,
or learn you bitches
to turn quick or learn how sick this,
i dont fake it, make it all up
to how ill treat a fk,
indeed a cunt to beat a fk
till bleeding cut ill beat him up
its plain as ya eyes can see it,
im vain at all times to be it
im angry as violent being
insane till ya silent seething
appaulling readings ya read get,
bet afforded a death bed,
step and get sorted stepped lept,
desimated accessed less,
i cut it ta cater, cut up a hater,
come front ill gut a raider,
confront a razor blade in ya mug
youll fkin stuff a gator
i transcibe my hands life to duell
advance stikes
to land slide ya down side
refused ta last rights

yo it be frostdzl
in me across this frosty beat,
right off to knock ya speech,
ya drop as preposterous,
do not preach,
yet prepare to speak,
get of the dick,
and stop it,
ya shits obnoxcious!

it aint nothing for me to slay a fued
each day imma play it cool,
as you play the fool
to play up to endure
what i say as ensure,
youll lay in a pool degraded in fluid,
pure dismay ya ta lure,
fewer are made to refute,
what i out lay in to do ya,
out do ya
each way ya ta lose,
im the furour each spray in the booth,
will leave ya ta layin all bruised,
removed reek in decay as improved,
soon into be assumed the movement
of beings bemused,
at furious feenoms reviews,
indubious dealings accussed
seeing yas lose is why i opt
to let off from this posture,
optimal loft to let shots off,
often or not till i drop yas
outdated painted ya layed out as
decimated in cake,
with ya clown face ya got played out
as found digraced in my wake
violent design in rhyme,
my mind is sublime to denying,
tyrants of kind to sign in resign,
to what im liking em dying
non sensical, entity, hell bent
to vent till ya bend till ya bleed,
as sent to ya end to see,
pent up to dent ya head mentally
Track Name: FROSTDZL
verse 1

few to many,
move without any,
clue of who not to bout,
ending up in a fued
devoured emptyied,
cut like a tuma,
foulled plenty,
running right through em fluent,
im gunning sites shooting students,
a cunning mind proving uniques
incomming rhymes moving units,tune in
listen to verse written
its hitten till hurts splitting,
the victum through words system,
when spitten it burns blistering
ad vicious intent, to vent bent,thru
barbituates pent,
up anger against ta pen vandlize,
sentaments ta strangle ya end
accended from hell, devout to rebel,
empowered to spell,
out a coward to tell, expell,
thou shalt not foul my name loud ta rebel
or frosts even, we let it off the top till
yas drop bleeding,
molitofs tossed across readings aloft,
till yas stop breathing


its frosty trapped by sounds locked behind loops
and me offcourse devine with the rhymes
lines, minds eye, times ten,
offending men, or swine women, feminine,
i sign send em,to death beds beheaded,

verse 2

Frost provides the beat while I provide heat
Ignite the mic to speak
Incite defeat for tyrants emcees
Defiant to lie deceased
A violent feast of violence to feast on
Silence ya speech ta speek
With timinig teach a tyrant
My reasons
Rhyming ain't for the week
Incline ta draw the line
I'm the kind to torment
Sign ya dorment benine
Design to reform
Or resign ta dying
Performing as I
Is flying defying the laws of physics
I'm high as a sort of gymnist
Unwinding recoiled imaged
Deminishing most,
Relinguish ya boast
Its Finished ya toast
You ain't in this to coast
Distinguished as ghost..ed
All image smoked
Prevoking jokers joking no hopers
To broken open
To soaken in blood ta floating
My boat as the only notion of boasting
i flow fast with it to show sas spit it acidic
your flow crash shit as it wont pass fitted
so quit it
i flip words verbs, let rip serves to burn diss,
kiss the curb learn as i kick
shits all ya splurt bitch

verse 3

a quest apon to best the rest,
to deathly gone there chest of breath
in festivals of terra zest,
sequested stalled suppressed successed,
i mess all, squabbles
arrest all ,problems with jest
test all ya calls to lob in and vest,
appaulling prorogatives,
i sugest ya form a cognative,
in less alarming opposite,
to what ya sort in positive,
impress on thoughts the want to live,
fuck giver not delivering plot twist
to shivery chopped
liver to cop a shib in ya twat, when ever,
i figure to swat
erct flows fitted to frosts, fritted,
across rythyms,hot
sentences said animosity spat
at ya shit writtens to rot
unlocked its cocked and its loaded to rocket
shock it the moment,
you opt to rock in and own it the spot
to drop it as phony
the wordsmith, the verse maker,
bazerk qwerk in the making,
absurd turn up as vacant,
inturn permanent stake in,
tornaments raking in mistakes
to learn burn as i break em in
i turn shaking the earth quaking
ya nerves breaking
Track Name: BEDLUM
al furious,fire, ink printed to brink your existence to dire,
sink all resistence to nigh, in a blink to desist and die,
i blister eyes, narate a spate of hate demise, i cater fate,
arrest ya rise, to fade away, come get ya prise, a plate of hate,
ya cant con satan, fore i am set in stone as flesh an bone,
to rest youll all that test as wrong to death alone, ya best result,
ya best ta hault, or cease breathing ya chest convulse, to sleep seathing
in a chest or vault, to seep deep in as message to all cease creeping,
a lesson for all, emcees teetering the edge, believe ya heads'll roll,
like dead sea scrolls, come read em until the end will leave ya heads disolved,
in salty waters, deceased orders of slaughter, to reach the tallest torture,
a vulcher for each of ya daughters, assault ya preistest to leave ya insulted alter,
you wont find me to faulter, i can not fail, this ship is set to sail,
as hammer the last nail in ya coffin, as scoffin ya fleshy vail,
so all hail the horrible, infalible diablo,
seprano of flow, to spit it like i know swinging with elbows.

evil sentences read rum, like the shed of the blood from,
ya head son run run, or secome to the bedlum, undone,
ya fled but it was too late,
to escape,
ya dead son, done done,
to remain in a dungeon,

ill, surperior flow noted to show how ya feel on it crow,
about till killed, and devoured by one to fill in his throat,
im all power with it foul as ya found to smell,after devoured
out in a cloud of blood dust disgusting as whats my blood lust,
empowered as such, to inflate my sense of self to escalate,
this pent up hate to elevate as seperate ya chest plate,
ill escavate ya face,plate, shift it to grift it to waste gift it,
inplace, lifted to grace it ya shit face, disgraced it as blistered,
and pissed on, ya piss ant as ya piss take couldnt escape this taint
ed, degrading rant that i raid with as ram in ya face with an electric plane,
come test ya frame, its an elective game like surgery in ill disect ya brain,
ya cant avert this pain, i exert as inflict till left ya slain
bazerk as off the chain, inturn to lurk and ta set apon ya lame,
twerkin ya working towards insane, murked into warping ya thoughts ta flames
so all hail the horrible, infalible diablo,
seprano of flow, to spit it like i know swinging with elbows.